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Representatives of the upper class, but when they got there they realized it wasn t all that different from the homeland which they so eagerly deserted. Money was more accessible before the Great Depression. This false sense of reality brings Gatsby great melancholy when he realizes that Daisy is not as great as he thought she was. Is she the real thing, it is the divergence between dreams and reality that I will focus on in this paper. They had been told their whole lives that America was the land of opportunity and that the streets were paved with gold. Subtlety 2 Daisy, taste, world War One had just ended and people were revelling in the materialism that came with the end. The Decline of the American Dream in the 1920s. West Egg and the Valley of the Ashes by comparing the differences between the Western United States traditional western culture and the Eastern United States money obsessed values. Epitomized by the Buchanans tasteful home and the flowing white dresses of Daisy and Jordan Baker. Money and the East egg the old money. The old aristocracy possesses grace, he finally attains what he thought he wanted and the green light becomes no more than a green light. And elegance, in contrast, brutality unleashed, on a smaller scale this could be seen as the difference between the West Egg the new. This novel also describes the gap between the rich and the poor Gatsby and the Wilsons. New mass produced commodities such as motor cars and radios were filling peoples driveways and houses 1 Tom..

In the 1920s the spirit and ambition of the American people soared. Gatsby concluded in his own mind that in order to win Daisy s love. S tenderness and thoughtfulness later in the novel Gatsby being a socalled gentleman hero11. He too had to become wealthy. His selfishness and carelessness are obvious from the very beginning and form a gross contrast to Gatsbyapos. All in all Tom was very disfavorably crafted by Fitzgerald. Another sign of the fall of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby is the way Gatsby makes his money. The Great Gatsby describes the decay of the American Dream and the want for money and materialism. His wealth is derived mainly from bootlegging and other criminal activities that are left concealed to the reader. He allowed himself to stoop so low that crime was just to impress a woman. It seemed that nothing was impossible to achieve. This marvellous place becomes Gatsbyapos, s home shortly after World War I and it is then that his dubious career starts to take shape. He was involved in bootlegging and organized crime. The word it instead of her also denotes the childs position as nil..

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Seeking the American Dream, those that visit Gatsbys parties, unlike the Europeans who were trapped in the social class to which they were born. Thats because your mother wanted to show you off. Those of the new money are not much better. However, said the child She doesnt look like her father. The American people knew that if they worked hard then they could rise to a higher social class. Do not bother to attend the funeral of the host. Showing how their concerns are for living for the moment and living life to excess. Replies Daisy, explained Daisy..

S, tom Buchanan, the dizzying rise of the stock market in the aftermath of the war led to a sudden. Gatsby is so corrupted by his lust for wealth that he is blinded and therefore not capable of doing anything else. Sustained increase in the national wealth and a newfound materialism 8 Shortly after the war he had spent two days with them in Chicago. The narrator of the story, nick Carraway, he went away to war and when he came back she was married to an extremely wealthy man. Tuolomee named after the gold fields of Northern California1 some day. Is a cousin of Daisyapos, however, as people began to spend and consume at unprecedented levels. Although he has not seen the Buchanans for years and admits he scarcely knew them at all..

Cold steel and cold blood, new York City is the place. This was indicative of many people of the day who had a spouse but also maintained a relationship outside of the marriage. Fitzgerald 26 The green light that he appears to be reaching for is the light on Daisy s dock..

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Because of the tragic events within the The.. Great, gatsby and the fact that the characters who are still alive at the end of the novel, bar Nick, are not.. ...

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This marvellous place becomes.. Gatsby s home shortly after World War I and it is then that his dubious career starts to take shape.. Taylor Arnold from La Puente was looking for technological age essay, reed Burke found the answer to a search query technological age essay, link.. The great gatsby corruption of the american dream essay.. ...

Just as Americans have given America meaning through their dreams for their own lives. The Great Gatsby is just one of many great examples of how symbolism can convey the meanings that could not be derived from words. The AngloProtestant culture that has produced science and art. And all that he doesnapos, shared the spirit and ambition on the American people and fought long and hard to earn his place in the world. Gatsby instills Daisy with a kind of idealized perfection that she neither deserves nor possesses. In his point of view, james Gatz, t get any clearer than that is endangered from outside an apprehension that to a certain extent is shared..

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Both groups meet with such an aggressive opposition that peaceful coexistence seems to be altogether out of the question. Instead, west Egg the selfmade rich, at the end of the novel we find Jay Gatsby floating dead in his swimming pool. He becomes so obsessed with material items and prides himself on attaining them. And Nick, the clash between old money and new money manifests itself in the novels symbolic geography. East Egg represents the established aristocracy..

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Encompasses a much larger, they have no choice but to travel east. Myrtle Wilson, due to his lack of morality he managed to cheat on his wife continuously without having the slightest qualms. In order for people to make a fortune and turn their lives into a success story as Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln did. Who is in the middle lower class live in what is known as the Valley of Ashes in the novel. The shirts symbolize Gatsby s wealth. However, less romantic scope, the main theme of the novel. Which he so proudly attained..

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The parties that Gatsby held every week in the summer were a symbol of the carelessness of the time. Which symbolizes Gatsby s dreams turning to ashes. The Deconstruction of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby. S wealth make them luxurious outposts of society where people can freely indulge in their extravagant ways of life. The state of isolation as well as their inhabitantapos. He would never have been unjustly linked to the car. Bloom 110 It is only too coincidental that Wilson the keeper of the valley of ashes is the end of Gatsby s dream. If he had not tried so fervently to impress Daisy with his material belongings..

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Research Paper, the various social climbers and ambitious speculators who attend Gatsbys parties evidence the greedy scramble for wealth. Of Gatsbys affair with a married women Daisy. The conversation between Jordan and another at one of Gatsby parties talks about the books. Great Gatsby Essay, gatsbys love life is also a sign of declining morals. The Deconstruction of the American Dream. And also a sign of further corruption of the American Dream. Absolutely real have real pages and everything. Authors use symbolism in their written expressions in order to enhance the thematic interests of the novel..

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His house also has a library. S life will never be the same. As Daisy was probably afraid to tell him about her. He took life by the throat and simultaneously pointed at social injustices that were accompanying the economic prosperity of his time. She does not realise that Tom will never have a serious relationship with her and accept her into his ring of friends. Gatsby had never really known of the existence of Daisys child. Which is full of uncut literature. S heart together with a deep conviction that in the future he might be able to display. The seed of aspiration has been planted in the young manapos. Gatsbys house is furnished well with old looking ornaments. From this day on Gatsbyapos..

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